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The Workforce Planning and Management Cycle

Work has changed. Wherever you are on the business improvement cycle, if it involves your most valuable asset, your people, you may need to consider changing and adapting.

  • Develop more effective ways of working, matching the workforce to operational demand
  • Plan workforce rosters that reflect workforce activities
  • Track and measure workforce attendance, Absence and activities across the entire workforce
  • Help your HR team focus on the important stuff
  • Utilise huge amounts of workforce data to provide powerful insights and decision making
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Strategic Shift Design

Design smarter demand-led working practices; improve employee engagement and eliminate wasted cost.

  • Better match rosters to meet your operational and service demand requirement
  • Consider the aspirations and availability of groups within your workforce
  • Get the most from your people in a more equitable manner
  • Create a more agile workforce using flexible techniques such as annualised hours
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Workforce Management as a Managed Cloud Service

Our industry-leading workforce management solutions are also available as a fully managed, cloud-based service. Get the benefits of our application without worrying about IT infrastructure investments and management.

  • Includes all the required infrastructure, capacity, and licences
  • Provides full operation, monitoring, and management
  • Highly secure and resilient service protecting your data privacy
  • Offers financial flexibility of a subscription service
Ten reasons why our cloud services provide better value
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Implement your solution guided by Crown professional services

Crown has established a team of highly experienced consultants who have developed capability and expertise in maximising the benefits of our workforce management solutions.

How Crown’s Professional Services can assure Benefits realisation

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