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Manage your workforce on the go with Crown

Empower manager

Empower managers wherever they are

Mobile and tablet devices provide managers with a full overview of workforce operations when away from the office. Configurable to each manager’s needs, it slashes the time taken to plan, manage and administer their team.

  • Approve absences and overtime in line with your organisation’s rules
  • Gain clear visibility over staffing levels and skills availability to react quickly to changes
  • Broadcast work opportunities directly to the best available people for the job

Enable true employee self service

Our mobile accessibility extends Crown’s core features to everyone at all times. All users can keep in touch with their schedules and employee records whenever and wherever they like.

  • Receive schedule changes instantly without the need for time-consuming paperwork
  • Submit holiday or leave requests from home at any time
  • Review and update personal information without needing to go through management
A lifeline for home working

Solutions to manage remote working

For organisations planning to operate partially remotely post-pandemic, Crown’s mobile access gives them the tools and the confidence they need to succeed.

  • Access clock on/clock off time management from anywhere in the world
  • Manage flexible work schemes that fit the needs of staff and organisation alike
  • Safeguard your operations with full security on any internet connection

Powerful workforce management at your fingertips

Our mobile functionality extends every part of the Crown system to all workers in all locations at all times, making it easier than ever to drive efficiency and growth across your entire organisation.

Time and attendance

Managers have access to real-time management insights for their team, even with remote workers.

Rostering & resource scheduling

An intuitive resource planning function takes the painstaking work out of creating optimum work schedules.

Dynamic activity management

Measure progress and productivity on the activities that matter most to your organisation.

We're here to help you drive efficiency and business growth

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