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Time and attendance

Our system hyper-accurately measures working time and absences, and helps businesses turn this information into real cost and efficiency savings.

  • Gain a complete overview of the available workforce, 24/7
  • Assess timekeeping and absences in exceptional detail to improve processes
  • Reduce your admin burden – data is captured once and used to populate all relevant systems
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Secure mobile access

Crown keeps workforces connected no matter where each user is, with all core features instantly accessible on mobile devices.

  • Broadcast work opportunities directly to the most suitable people
  • Extend clock on/clock off time management to remote staff
  • Communicate roster changes quickly and without 
time-consuming paperwork
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Dynamic activity management

Track the activities staff are carrying out – in real time and 
granular detail – against predefined project codes.

  • Set flexible activity definitions to measure what your company values most
  • Capture all activity at source – no need for separate data input
  • Harness powerful insights to reduce operational variances and fine-tune scheduling
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Rostering and resource scheduling

Achieve the optimum balance of staff by rostering the right people with the right skills to the right roles every day.

  • Plan schedules quicker with our graphical decision-support tool
  • Instantly match roles to staff based on skills, capability and availability data
  • Manage planned and unplanned absences at short notice
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Access control

Guarantee the security of your sites with an access system built seamlessly into your workforce management – no need for a ‘bolted-on’ solution.

  • Set access permissions and restrictions in line with staff roles
  • Manage access with the same ID as used for clockings and 
time management
  • Top of the range hardware and full encryption for peace of mind
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Payroll & HR integration

Crown builds a bridge between our core features and your organisation’s corporate HR and payroll applications.

  • Put our system at the heart of your corporate HR system
  • Synchronise employee data across platforms for more efficient workforce management
  • Automatically push payments from ‘time and attendance’ to your payroll system
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Advanced workforce analytics

Crown’s system converts huge amounts of workforce information into powerful insights for data-driven decision making.

  • Build dynamic dashboards for enhanced reporting
  • Combine multiple data sources into one true database
  • Measure progress against your key business objectives
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Employee management

Take the pressure off your HR team with Crown’s core suite of essential tools, built from our years of staff management experience.

  • Improve staff rostering and scheduling with enhanced HR capabilities
  • Base vital decisions on real-time insights into timekeeping and attendance
  • Flexible to the unique needs of your organisation and its departments
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