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Organisations benefitting from Crown's activity management system

Full view of employee activities

Activity management allows organisations to gain a true picture of each person’s activities throughout the working day, enabling you to effectively cost and manage what staff are doing.

  • Record activities in real time or historically – whatever suits your organisation
  • Activities are user-definable and can be flexible from department to department
  • Measure to different levels of accuracy – whatever the nature of the work requires

Discover cost-saving opportunities

Because Crown makes it so easy to record activities, organisations can use this information to spot inefficiencies, assign future activities more intelligently and keep workforce costs to a minimum.

  • Book activities dynamically (as they happen) via devices to suit the task and environment
  • Iron out operational variances between scheduled and completed activities for greater budget control
  • Full accountability to customers with minimum administrative fuss

Integrate activity management with your existing tech stack

Our system is flexible to the precise needs of your organisation. 
The activity management functionality seamlessly integrates with your existing tech profile so you can hit the ground running.

  • Proven integration with all major ERP applications – activity data flows instantly to wherever you need it
  • Fully scalable – the scope of the system grows and changes along with your organisation
  • Manage activity across multiple sites and for remote workers

Feed valuable activity data into your workforce management system

Dynamic activity management gives organisations an invaluable understanding of how their staff are utilising their time. But it also feeds vital data to other features of the Crown system – helping drive efficiency and manage costs better.

Advanced analytics

Our powerful report writer allows you to set up custom reports for the holistic insights you need.

Access control

Grant access permissions to users booked on to relevant scheduled activities - and nobody else.

Secure mobile access

Record activity to the same level of accuracy no matter where staff are - thanks to our self-service mobile functionality.

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