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Why embrace the cloud for workforce management?

Cloud migration isn't just a technological shift—it's a strategic move towards future-ready operations. With the array of benefits it brings, cloud migration positions businesses to navigate the constantly-evolving world of workforce challenges.

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability: Cloud migration offers the ability to scale resources up or down based on demand, avoiding the need for heavy investments in physical infrastructure designed for peak usage. This is especially useful for SMBs and startups that need to grow without significant expenditure.
  • Improved Security: Cloud services now offer robust security features with comprehensive monitoring and dedicated teams of security professionals, such as the 3,500 experts safeguarding Microsoft Azure (the platform Crown’s cloud service is built upon). Cloud environments also eliminate the risk of downtime due to physical disasters.
  • Cost Efficiency and Financial Flexibility: Migrating to the cloud allows businesses to move their workforce management costs from being a capital expense (CAPex) to an operating expense (OPex). This means businesses can pay for services as they use them on a subscription basis, which is particularly advantageous for growth and avoids the financial burden of depreciating hardware and extensive maintenance.
  • Consistently Improved User Experience: Cloud services from providers like Crown maintain high performance levels, ensuring a top-notch user experience that doesn’t degrade over time, unlike physical servers that may slow down and reduce productivity. This reliability is crucial for maintaining efficiency and potentially increasing revenue.

Why choose Crown Managed Cloud Services as your migration partner?

Crown’s cloud-based workforce management combines the market-leading flexibility and security of Microsoft Azure with an unrivalled calibre of expertise, support, dedication and care from our migration team. By partnering Crown, you’ll soon be benefiting from a bespoke cloud system tailored to your unique business needs.

  • Deep security and compliance: Crown prioritises the security and compliance of your data, implementing strong measures and adhering to industry standards, UK Government guidelines, and data protection laws to protect against cyber threats.
  • Continuous and resilient operations: Experience uninterrupted service with Crown's 24/7 operations, ensuring proactive monitoring and no downtime for backups, so you retain consistent access to your applications and data.
  • Scalable with business needs: Crown's services seamlessly scale to match your business needs, accommodating both rapid growth and adjustments to changing market conditions.

  • Microsoft Azure certified experts: Our team of Microsoft Azure certified experts ensure you’ll have complete guidance throughout the migration journey. Crown provides skilled migration, optimisation and management of the Azure platform as standard, ensuring exceptional workforce management outcomes.
  • UK-based support and data centres: Crown ensures data residency within UK borders with UK-based data centres and support teams, avoiding outsourcing to offshore third parties and providing prompt, local assistance.
  • Ongoing development and maintenance: Beyond initial migration, Crown offers continuous development and maintenance to keep your cloud environment current and fully supported, enhancing operational efficiency.

Crown is a trusted partner for seamless cloud migration 

The cloud migration landscape is fraught with potential pitfalls - data loss, downtime, and a myriad of challenges that can disrupt operations. Herein lies the undeniable value of a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Crown. While in-house IT teams possess technical acumen, the specialised migration experience offered by MSPs is unparalleled. Partnering with an expert not only mitigates risks but also ensures adherence to best practices, safeguarding your organisation's precious data and operational integrity.

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