In transportation, people are a company’s biggest asset - but they are also its biggest fixed cost. In an industry where every minute counts, Crown’s workforce management system helps you allocate resources smarter and drive business growth.

Manage transportation schedules and costs with total control

Transportation is the most critical arm of any logistics operation. Crown helps you get your goods where they need to be on time, creating the optimum schedules for your needs and streamlining workforce costs.

Increase payroll accuracy and reduce wastage

Crown works as a bridge between payroll systems and driver schedules. Real-time attendance and activity data guarantees an accurate payroll and helps cut overtime spend.

Make better rostering decisions with data-driven insights

Managers can access the insights they need instantly from powerful dashboards - helping them better align schedules to the availability and skills of their staff.

Give drivers access to their data wherever they are

Crown helps the people who power your operations view and manage their schedules, timesheets and holiday allocation on the go with our secure mobile app.

Crown knows transportation inside out

Harnessing the power of smarter workforce management

We helped global transportation company Martin Brower significantly increase payroll accuracy and introduce proactive overtime management to reduce costs.

Build a more efficient transportation team with Crown

The eight core features of our workforce management system work together to deliver serious efficiency and cost savings. Every part of the solution can be tailored to your business’ precise needs.

Time & attendance

Our system hyper-accurately measures working time and absences, and helps businesses turn this information into real cost and efficiency savings.

Payroll & HR integration

Real-time attendance data helps manage unplanned absences and gaps in the schedule at short notice.

Secure mobile app

Enable staff to work with true flexibility. The Crown mobile app allows your people to plan and manage their work lives whether at home or on site.

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