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Enhance your field resource management

Crown makes it more efficient to plan, schedule and mobilise all your engineers.

Our workforce management system will quickly help you reduce reliance on contractors, make your processes more efficient and streamline your payroll.

Build stronger tactical schedules ahead of time

Build stronger tactical schedules ahead of time

Intelligently manage the availability of employees as far in advance as needed - by skills, team, division or whatever criteria required. Our smart system makes schedules flexible up until the day of dispatch.

Achieve bi-directional control over all platforms

Achieve bi-directional control over all platforms

Utility suppliers need to process and share a huge amount of information - from the technical requirements of tasks to the skills needed to fulfil them. Crown binds together every platform you rely on for real-time visibility.

Respond better to major incidents

Respond better to major incidents

Crown scales up to meet the demands that major incidents present. We help you plan; from your immediate response to the moment the incident is resolved, allowing you to pull in resources based on skills, availability and cost from across the company.


Helping the utility industry create efficient workforces


The world of work is experiencing rapid change. How can businesses balance pressing productivity targets with their employees’ needs for greater flexibility.

Build and agile and responsive network on engineers with Crown

Our workforce management system comprises a wide range of features built to help companies thrive.

Time & attendance

Our system hyper-accurately measures working time and absences, and helps businesses turn this information into real cost and efficiency savings.

Rostering & resource scheduling

Real-time attendance data helps manage unplanned absences and gaps in the schedule at short notice.

Payroll & HR integration

Crown builds a bridge between our core features and your organisation’s existing applications - from HR and payroll to ERP, daily dispatch and finance systems.

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