Rostering and resource scheduling

Achieve the most efficient utilisation of your business resources. Crown helps you match the right people to the right roles to improve productivity while optimising costs.

We help these businesses get the most out of their resources

Maximise the efficiency of your schedules

Our workforce management system automatically identifies employee availability, expected attendance and relevant skills. We get the right people in the right places at the right time, and help you save on overtime and locum costs.

  • Help your people be as productive as possible with inbuilt shift optimisation technology
  • Integrate your chosen budgetary planning tools with ease to achieve true control over spending
  • Share resources rapidly to ensure all teams are staffed with the right people

Simplify scheduling for all staff

Crown slashes the time taken to plan schedules by formulating the optimum rosters for your organisation’s needs, with resource planners in total control.

  • Take the drudgery out of planning with Crown’s graphical decision-support tool
  • Distribute tailored schedules for each worker by integrating with Crown’s secure mobile app
  • Automatically produce electronic timesheets to better match planned tasks to actual time worked

Flexibility at our system’s core

We understand that workforces can be unpredictable, which is why our system is built to help you roster your staff flexibly and react to changes quickly.

  • Evaluate feasible contingency plans with ‘what if’ rostering capabilities
  • Manage absences seamlessly – Crown recommends the best people to allocate to vacant roles
  • Support your workforce’s need for flexible working by factoring in ‘protected days’ for staff

Beyond rostering and resource scheduling

Time and attendance

Rostering and resource scheduling goes hand in hand with real-time, accurate attendance data.

Activity management

Measure progress and productivity on the activities that matter most to your organisation.

Secure mobile app

Extend all of Crown’s core features, including rostering and resource scheduling, directly to every staff member.

Crown are here to help you drive efficiency and business growth

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