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We delivered seamless systems integrations for these organisations

A single source of data truth

Our workforce management system fits straight into the middle of all pre-existing applications. With Crown, there’s only one point of data entry; information flows freely from your corporate HR application into Crown time and attendance and onto payroll.

  • Gather and populate data from and to a wide variety of independent platforms while maintaining one database
  • Manage the attendance of new staff from day one by synchronising Crown with your HR platform
  • Transfer data from application to application to help managers make data-driven decisions

A tailored integration for your organisation’s needs

Crown works tirelessly to solve the unique requirements of all our customers. Our commitment to every detail, big and small, is what makes us leaders in systems integration.

  • Our dedicated team helps your organisation maximise its investment in all its systems
  • Crown has experience working with every major software provider in the marketplace
  • Established integration frameworks for all other major applications

Crown enables powerful, insight-led operational decisions

Payroll and HR applications integrate directly with Crown’s core features to give your organisation greater control over workforce efficiency and costs.

Time and attendance

Accurately monitor time and absences in a level of detail you’ve never seen before.

Secure mobile app

Extend the core features of your organisation’s HR platform to every member of staff - whether they’re on or off-site.

Advanced analytics

Unlock powerful, top-level insights about your people and teams with our easy-to-use dashboards.

Crown are here to help you drive efficiency and business growth

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