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These organisations make smarter decisions with Crown analytics

BI drives unparalleled corporate-level data analysis

Integration with Microsoft Power BI® presents huge amounts of time and attendance data, captured from every level of an organisation, in simple graphical form.

  • Create dashboards showing the top-level insights you need with just one click
  • Transform your data into easy-to-understand business facts
  • Dashboards created by the leadership team can be shared across the entire organisation
Combine multiple data sources

Combine multiple data sources into one true database

No matter where your data flows from (including third party ERP and HR systems), Crown analytics takes everything into account.

  • Report in units including hours, headcount and monetary cost
  • Automatically “roll up” data into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual views, with year-on-year trending
  • ‘Slice-and-dice’ data by many useful attributes without needing knowledge of complex data structures

Interpret data from every part of our workforce management system

Crown analytics brings together data from all our core features, helping you make decisions that boost efficiency and keep you in control of workforce costs.

Time and attendance

Access real-time working information from all of your teams to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Activity management

Measure progress and productivity on the activities that matter most to your organisation.

Rostering and resource scheduling

Automatically create the most effective work schedules using our intuitive resource planning function.

Crown are here to help you drive efficiency and business growth

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