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Take control of absence and attendance with the UK's leading workforce management system

Reduce your staffing costs and create a more efficient workforce with attendance and absence management software from Crown. Our leading platform helps businesses identify the root causes of absence, manage leave more simply and build smarter schedules.

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These brands trust Crown with their attendance and absence management

Aston Martin
Pets at Home

Key features


Wide range of clocking and input devices


Secure mobile app to record attendance


Automated processes for absences and overtime


Easy integration with existing HR & Payroll systems

Group 24 Absence recording

Capture attendance data in the way that suits your workplace

Choose from a huge range of input devices for capturing attendance data. From web browsers to fingerprint scanners, we’ll provide the solution that suits your working environment to maximise the ease of clocking in and the accuracy of data.

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Group 16

Drive down costs with greater visibility into the causes of absenteeism

Analyse attendance and absence patterns with new information to drive down costs. Crown highlights key trends and drivers of absenteeism and excessive workforce spending, helping identify areas for improvement. Managers can use Crown to implement new processes that address the root causes of high absence rates and overspending. 

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Group 22 Data sources

One source of data truth

Save time, reduce paperwork, eliminate errors and duplicated records with Crown’s streamlined data capture. Crown captures attendance data once and once only - with this data flowing seamlessly into rostering and scheduling, activity management, payroll, HR and much more.

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Absence and attendance management that drives tangible cost reductions

Crown harnesses the power of data to produce actionable insights into attendance in your workplace. Arrange a free demo today to see how Crown will tackle absenteeism and reduce workforce-associated costs for your business.

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