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Absence by category

Smarter time clocking gives you a deeper understanding of attendance

Capture time and attendance information from your employees in a level of detail you’ve never had access to before. Crown enables organisations to record a higher quality of data which can be used to form new workforce processes that make your teams more efficient.

Data is automatically recorded through a range of input devices. From web browsers to fingerprint scanners, we have an option to suit all working environments. Recording attendance is just as easy for remote workers thanks to Crown’s secure mobile app – meaning managers can analyse attendance to the minute for every single employee.

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Leverage workforce insights to take informed action

Crown Time and Attendance highlights the key trends from your organisation’s attendance data. This allows managers to adjust schedules, staff deployment and working practices accordingly and measure the resulting productivity improvements.

Absences are instantly segmented by category and reason to produce laser-focused insights into the key drivers of absenteeism. Crown has advanced forecasting capabilities, meaning future schedules can be fine-tuned to match demand with capacity ahead of time – minimising unnecessary spending.

One source of time and attendance data reduces admin pressure

With streamlined data capture of hours worked and automatic processes for leave and absences, Crown saves your teams time and reduces paperwork. Data is captured once only and used to populate all your organisation’s relevant systems – including corporate HR and payroll applications which can be seamlessly integrated with Crown.

Crown automatically compares worked hours with expected work patterns to calculate overtime accurately every time. Managers can create automatic workflows to manage absences, return to work and disciplinary processes, while guaranteeing compliance with working time regulations.

Beyond time and attendance

Crown’s powerful time management functionality works in harmony with the other core features of the system to make your workforce management more efficient and cost-effective.

Rostering & resource scheduling

Real-time attendance data helps manage unplanned absences and gaps in the schedule at short notice.

Payroll & HR integration

Logged time and absence data flows instantly into existing payroll and & HR applications.

Access control

With a single shared database, access permissions can be automatically configured by role, responsibilities and schedules.

Crown are here to help you drive efficiency and business growth

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